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Different Drummers is a web site about drummers in the drumming community. We want to feature not only the players that have influenced so many drummers, but the educators and inventors that are not well known but have made great advancements in their field.

Without great teachers, many of the top drummers would not be where they are today. The educator takes a step back from being on the front lines of the drumming world to start young drummers on the path to great success. Many of these teachers are great players in their own right.

The inventors that bring us new products that improve upon designs and functionality of drum gear are also players themselves. Through their own playing experiences they saw a need or improvement that would help other drummers.

All of these drummers have a place in our history as a community and we want to feature them here and also bring attention to new drummers that are up and coming as well as new products and inventions.



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Drummer Guides is a web site for the history of Drummer Guides that have made a special contribution to the Drumming Community. Whether it is playing, education and or inventing a product, we will include them here. Drummer Guides is a collection of history and information that gives inspiration to other drummers that are trying to make a difference in the drumming community.

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